Monkfish Liver Dish

You must be already know that Japan like to make some experiment with their food. They would like to use any kind of ingredient and turn it into a delicious food that you would never imagine before. Sometimes when you see some kind of animal or unusual creature, you would like never think to put it into your mouth. But in Japan, you can do it without think about the real form of the food. There is a dish that made out of monkfish liver in Japan. The dish is called by Ankimo. Sometimes when you visit a Japanese restaurant, you will see there are a lot of dish like sushi, ramen and many more. But you will never see Ankimo since it is rare for the restaurant to sell those kind of dish. Or it is impossible for the restaurant to find the ingredient and put the Ankimo inside their menu. That is why you will never find a unique food when you come to Japanese restaurant.

If you visit Japan, you should try the Ankimo. It can be served along with momikioroshi, thinly sliced scallions and a ponzu sauce. You will never imagine that Ankimo become one member of World’s 50 most delicious foods that compiled by CNN Go. You can treat the monkfish liver with salt and sake, then you need to steam the monkfish liver. Ankimo is known as the best appetizer in Japan. It also known as the most popular appetizer in Japan that you can try if you visit Japan. Ankimo also known as a dish that has a lot of benefits. Monkfish liver is known to be helpful to cure some kind of diseases such as asthma, depression and many more. It also give some benefits for the eyesight and the brain functioning.


A unique noodle from Japan

Have you ever heard about soba? It is a kind of noodles that you can find in Japan. There are a lot of noodles that you will able to find in Japan, and one of it is soba. You need to know that soba is made from the buckwheat flour. People can also refer soba as udon since both of them have a same texture and ingredients. There are many ways that you can choose to serve your soba. You can choose to serve it with a dipping sauce or you can serve your soba with a hot broth and make it like a noodle soup. If you want to try the taste of soba, you can visit several noodle restaurant that serve soba. You need to know that soba is known as the inexpensive fast food that you can find in a railway stations. But you can also able to find soba in an expensive speciality restaurants. If you think that you don’t want to pay a lot to eat soba, you can enjoy it in your house with the instant noodle broth that you can get in any kind of supermarket.

Summer is the best time for you to enjoy your soba. Many Japanese people would like to enjoy their soba in cold serving during summer season. You can also try your cold soba dishes if you have a summer holiday in Japan. You can add many toppings that you like into your soba dishes. You can also choose to either eat the soba with a raw topping or you can eat your soba with a deep fried topping. It is the best for you to put some nori seaweed on your cold soba as your additional topping. You can also have your soba during winter season with a hot soba dishes.

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